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Send tactical meeting items to your personal system in GlassFrog

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that we just shipped a very basic personal system sync functionality in GlassFrog. You can now add an email address and GlassFrog will forward new tactical meeting items and projects. So, if you are using something like Omnifocus or Asana that accepts email forwards, you can put in your email address and it will send them. It is currently beta functionality so that folks can try it out and tell us what they think. It is also Premium-only functionality.

To try it out, just go to your profile menu, and choose My Integrations. Here's a screenshot to show you how to get to it.

GlassFrog Email Integration Screenshot

I use Nirvana for my personal system, so I'm super excited to give it a try myself! I hope you like it and I'd love to hear what you think!

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Adam Banko

+1 for releasing something minimal but valuable

denis krizanovic

I hope somewhere on your backlog you've got an integration with Zapier. Once you're in the world of Zapier, then the network effect of all their integration's means you don't need to write specific integration's for any other Task Manager and can do other cooler things with the scarce development resources you most likely have.





Alexia Bowers

Hi Denis,

Definitely! We've got some more sophisticated integration work that we want to do, and I'd like to see GlassFrog integration with Zapier in the future. The email integration is a first step along those lines and something I'm hoping is low-hanging fruit and easy for folks to use. Thank you!

Koen Bunders

Excellent! Thanks!

For people who are using Todoist: make sure to add the wildcard address '@holacracyone.com' to the list of email addresses you wish to accept tasks from.

Dennis Ross

Thanks for sharing!

Bernard Marie Chiquet

Hey Alexia, sounds a great new value added feature to me, thanks