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Self-managed/Holacratic creative agency?

Hive - I'm looking for examples of creative agencies powered by self-management/Holacracy. Think: advertising, marketing/branding, PR, design/illustration studios, video production.

I wanna dive into the particulars of which roles can be reimagined or distributed & how - like, account management & creative direction.

My vision is a creative agency run by creatives but not veering into artist collectives or anything too loosely coupled or green-style democratic. 

Any ideas for me?!  Directions to look?

Much love,

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HI Michael,


Here is a testimonial video of the CEO of a marketing agency called Human to Human, based in Paris: https://igipartners.com/en/interview-jerome-delaveau

They've changed the concept of account manager and clarified the different roles needed. Some people would fill all the roles that previously made an “account manager” and other who were not good at some stuff, were not assigned to all the roles. Holacracy allows that flexibility. Otherwise, you always have to look for the perfect profile able to do everything.

Hope that helps