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Section 2.6.1 Modifying Sub-circles: Creating roles in Super Circle to push to Sub-circle?

*“A Circle may also move its own Defined Roles or Policies into a
Sub-Circle, or move any from within the Sub-Circle into itself.”*

Does this mean I can create a role in the super circle and push it into the
OR does this rule only apply for the moment when a sub-circle is created?

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Max Hesse

Hi Anne,

from my understanding "constitutionally" you can always create a role in the super-circle and then immediately push it down to the sub-circle within the same Governance meeting.

My question here is if this is "good Holacracy practice". Generally the super-circle creates the context of the sub-circle but how the sub-circle then enacts its purpose and accountabilities is up to the sub-circle and NOT the super-circle.

Also: From the level of the super-circle the sub-circle is only a role, filled by the Lead Link of the sub-circle.

So from my point of view it really depends on the tension that you are trying to solve. Would adding an accountability to the whole sub-circle also solve your tension and then the sub-circle could find out themselves what they want do with this added accountability within? Then this would be my favorable move.