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Secretary meetings planification domain


We wanted to know why Secretary doesn't have this domain:

All constitutionally-required meetings of the Circle


All constitutionally-required meetings planifications of the Circle


He only is accountable of 

Scheduling the Circle’s required meetings, and notifying all Core Circle Members of scheduled times and locations

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Dien Kwik

I have always thought that this is to allow others to also schedule meetings without having explicit permission from the secretary. Although if the intent was to distribute authorities, this doesn't seem to do it.

The same question I guess holds for the Lead Link as well.  The Lead Link's only domain is "Role Assignment within the circle". The LL does not have strategy, or budget, or metrics domain, only accountabilities.

Olivier Compagne

[@mention:549200391377900110] It's true that it's not obvious and could be clearer (you can propose improvements here!) But the key is in the constitution.

Several rules of the constitution are tied to the Secretary or, to use [@mention:450819477777465353]'s example, to the Lead Link. 

For example, a governance meeting is only valid if the Secretary has called it:

3.3.2 Notice & Quorum

A Circle may only conduct its Governance Process in a meeting if the Secretary has given all Core Circle Members reasonable advance notice that a Governance Meeting will be held, including its time and location.

Or metrics are only required if the Lead Link has assigned them:

4.1.1 Duty of Transparency

... (d) Checklist Items & Metrics: ... You must also track and report on any metrics assigned to your Roles by the Circle’s Lead Link, or by any other Role or process granted the authority to define the Circle’s metrics.