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Secretary and Facilitator as single Roles?

Article 2.3 states the Core Circle Members are: Partners filling Defined Roles, Lead Link, Rep Link(s) to the Circle and Cross Link(s) to the Circle (+ special appointments).

It struck me that Secretary and Facilitator were not mentioned. Why is this?

Article 2.5 states that only Core Circle Members may be elected to Rep Link, Facilitator and Secretary. So they (the Partners filling an Elected Role) are Core Circle Members no matter what. 

So essentially, this means that a Partner may not fill a single Secretary or Facilitator Role. Is this correct, and why is this? It could be even be seen as useful to have an outsider as a 'neutral observer' fulfilling this Role... 

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Hi Pieter,


Yes, only core circle members can be elected as Secretary or Facilitator. My interpretation is that it does mean that a Partner may not fill only the Secretary or Facilitator role in a circle, unless they've been elected before when they were assigned to a role and were removed recently (but, in this case, are they core circle members? Good question!). The reasons I can see for that rule is that:

1- it takes time to attend meetings so more efficient to have one or more roles involved in the meeting

2- both roles need to be intimate with the governance records, knowing the different roles and authorities at play to interpret if needed (for the secretary) or to audit it (facilitator)

At the beginning, for new circles, we do recommend to have an outsider “neutral” though...

Tom Mulder


I guess the reason why the Facilitator and the Secretary are not mentioned is because they are elected from the Partners filling a defined role.

The LL is appointed by the Super Circle, The RepLink to the circle is defined by the Sub-Circle and the CrossLink  is defined by the Linked Entity. That is why they are mentioned seperatly together with the Partners filling a defined role.

For your second question I echo the thoughts of [@mention:449693036337664795]

Olivier Compagne

[@mention:549481866316609505] and if it's desirable for someone outside the circle to be elected Facilitator or Secretary, the Lead Link can always appoint them Core Circle Members, then they are eligible.

See article 2.3.4:

2.3.4 Special Appointments of Core Members

The Lead Link of a Circle may specially appoint additional persons to serve as Core Circle Members of a Circle, beyond those required by this Constitution, and may further remove these special appointments at any time.