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Secretary accountability related to laws

TLDR: the secretary accountability: "Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request" can be extend to  interpret also the laws or is it necessary to create a new role with accountability to check and deliver interpretation about some laws and regulations?

Example: In a practice session we encountered 2 objections to a proposal regarding modifying a policy. Both objections comes as "Illegal" from affected roles so they were pass the questions test.

The problem is that each objection give different data. The proposal tried to eliminate some bureaucracy by increasing a threshold of spending with just a receipt without an invoice. The problem is that in the objection round the Lead Link said that is forbidden by the law to have this for more then 50 and the Finance role said the law forbids to be more then 10. So the proposal was dropped (the initial threshold was 10) and Proposer ask the Secretary to interpret the law and come back with a resolution.

So the question is can be extend the accountability of interpretation of the Secretary to the law or is it necessary to create a special role with an accountability for this?




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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Andrei,

Accountability of the Secretary is "Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request", not interpreting some laws and regulations...

Hope that helps.


Andrei Miron

Yes, thank you.

Dien Kwik

Hi, Andrei:

A little side observation:

Dropping a proposal can only happen if the original proposer decides to do that, it can not be done just because objections are valid. 

In the integration round, the objector has to come up with a counter proposal that will still address the original proposer's tension.  If the counter proposal is not good enough, then the proposer will need to, again, counter with a different proposal.  This goes back and forth until a proposal that's "safe and good enough to try" is found.

In your example, perhaps, one approach is to ask why the proposer needed to relax the requirement and then try to solve that a different way, i.e. other than by changing the threshold. 




Ana Sovdat

I would make a new role. The same person could hold it if you like, but it all stays clear (as one of the Holacracy goal is). I'd love to read more professional answers about that

Andrei Miron

Hi [@mention:450819477777465353],


The proposal was dropped by the Proposer. It was very difficult for Objector to come up with a counter proposal because the Tension was to reduce the number of invoices you need to bring after you spent company money. And this is imposed by the law .

The process was followed. The question was if we can extend the "Governance" from the Secretary accountabilities to any other governance the company has to follow but is not internally generated.