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Scrumwise, Glassfrog and Holacracy


I facilitate a circle of 9 people working with agile practice, already using Scrumwise. They set a 15minutes Scrumwise daily meeting and capture actions in Scrumwise,  so everybody knows what he has to do.

Does anyone know about circles running Holacracy and both using Scrumwise?
What could be a way to manage this tool conflict? Transforming the Scrumwise daily meeting in an Holacracy tactical meeting ? Or using Scrumwise to capture next actions instead of Glassfrog ? Or Glassfrog instead of Scrumwise ? If they use Scrumwise, how do we do with the roles ?
Thank you for your perpectives.


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Adam Banko

We use Asana for our Metrics, Checklists, Projects and Next actions. Our setup was inspired by this Springest blog post.

We have Checklists and Metrics as "tasks" 


We mark outcomes with ✪ and sort outcomes and next action by Role. Role names and role fillers are manually synced our Governance records.


Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Adam,

Thanks for these enlightments.