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Scrum Tactical Meeting v1.0

App: Scrum Tactical Meeting v1.0


This app is composed of at least one role and one policy, and allows a software engineering team to combine one or more regular Scrum meetings (such as iteration planning, stand ups, or retrospectives) to create a modified Tactical meeting process (as allowed by section 4.3 in the Constitution).

Design Notes

Agile software teams have multiple regular operational meetings, so combining the Tactical meeting with existing meetings can be more efficient. Creating a modified Tactical process is allowed for any circle, but this app is only intended for software engineering teams using Scrum.

Anyone who feels a tension with having too many meetings, or wanting to make Holacracy more efficient, or integrate the software development process more deeply into Holacracy’s defined roles could propose this could be based in 2.1.3 where it is the authority of anyone filling a role in the circle to impact such Domain(s).

This app can be adopted when Holacracy is adopted, or proposed in a Governance meeting by any role wanting to adopt Scrum meeting practices in their circle.

Note that you cannot reduce the authority of the elected Facilitator or Secretary, so any modifications to Governance records should not contradict the rules of the Holacracy Constitution.

This is not intended to cover all of the Roles, Accountabilities, and Policies that a software development team may need.

Adoption Requirements

This Policy can be adopted by any circle via a single Governance proposal under the default Domain of the circle (i.e. “All functions and activities within the circle”). By default, every circle has this Domain per Article 2.1.2.

Core Governance to Adopt

Add Role: Scrum Master


  • Implement, measure, champion, and support agile software development practices


  • Coaching circle members on Agile/Lean principles and practices as-needed or as-requested
  • Defining and implementing issue tracking (i.e. epics, features, and bugs), and estimating workflow, processes, and policies
  • Defining meeting processes and frequency, and facilitating meetings not required by the Holacracy Constitution

Add Policy: Modified Tactical & Iteration Planning

The Circle’s Tactical Meetings shall include process steps to allow space for iteration review and next iteration planning, using whatever more specific process is defined and published by Scrum Master (which must include the minimum steps required by the Constitution Section 4.3 for Tactical Meetings).

Further, Tactical Meetings must be scheduled by Secretary at whatever frequency and duration specified by Scrum Master, and Secretary must use best-effort to schedule Tactical Meetings on whatever target day(s) of the week are specified by Scrum Master.

(The modified Tactical meeting process defined by Scrum Master shall still be facilitated by the elected Facilitator.)

Optional Governance to Adopt

Add Policy: Facilitator is Scrum Master

The circle’s duly elected Facilitator shall also fill the role of Scrum Master.

Design note: This optional Governance may not be desirable and is intended to eliminate confusion over any conflict between Facilitator and Scrum Master Accountabilities for facilitating.

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