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Same role also in super circle with a differente take one purpose & accountabilities

I’m Olafur from Kolibri, a software development consultancy and I’m seeking advice in the community on how we would go about having roles from sub-circle also in a super-circle, usually always filled by the same person, but with a slightly different take on accountabilities.
Let me explain. Our circle setup goes like this:
◎ General Company Circle
  1. ♟ Lead Link, Facilitator & Secretary
  2. ♟ Alignment
  3. ♟ Org Dev
  4. ◎ People Circle
  5. ◎ Operations Circle
  6. ◎ Outreach Circle
  7. ◎ Service Delivery Circle
We’re a software development consultancy and our ◎ Service Delivery Circle is responsible for our client relationships that’s where our revenue comes from. Within ◎ Service Delivery Circle we have vision roles representing different practicions which are responsible for facilitating and leading learning activities for their community of practice:
♟ Design Vision
♟ Team (Coaching) Vision
♟ Tech Vision
The change we want to do
We want these roles to be also in GCC but with a slightly different take on accountabilities and purpose. In GCC context we want these roles to be more focused on strategy, leading hiring for their practice, taking the lead when we are starting new client relationships, help with sales and stuff like that. Basically less focused on practices and more high level.
What puzzles us
  1. Should we replicate the roles into GCC? How would we tackle the difference in accountabilities and purpose?
  2. As we see it now the same person will be in the GCC & Service Delivery roles. We don't if that will always be like that though.
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Tom Mulder

In the Sub-circle these roles will have Accountabilties that focus on operational issues and responsibilities. As you already mention that the Purpose and the Accountablities are different for the GCC roles, my advise is to create new roles, with a different name. This to keep clarity and to make it easy for others to energize these roles in the future. 


I agree with Tom - seems pretty easy for you to make new roles in the GCC and assign them to the same people for now - good luck!

Olafur Nielsen

Thanks for the feedback guys. We'll go ahead and implement it like that