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Running multiple client projects within a circle

Hi we are considering Holacracy as a tool for organisational structure and governance within our team of circa 20 people.

Having read a lot, watched videos and played with GlassFrog we are considering creating a circle for each of our cross-disciplinary delivery teams - typically 3-6 people. However these teams work on multiple concurrent client projects of all sizes and complexities.

Circles seemingly fit well for governance of teams within the organisation however I'm interested how other organisations structure their client work within these circles.

  • Should we just use projects within the main circle?
  • or should we create new sub circles (with specific roles and accountabilities) for every client project?

Roles and accountabilities may vary between projects, or require only a subset of the team so clarity over who is doing what on each client project is important for us.

Alternatively we could continue to manage our client work / task allocation outside of GlassFrog and keep it just for governance?

Any advice or experience would help us understand. 


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