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Roles that do work for people, not other roles

In our company we have a few roles which do work relevant for people, not other roles e.g. the role "Office Care Taker" who has the accountability of organising a chores plan or the role "Team Event Organiser" who organises events for people of team circles. 

In the tactical meeting of the company circle, I would like to ask a project of the role "Office Care Taker" to add some new chores that are missing on the plan because I want them to be done. Can I ask such a project of that role in the tactical as a person since it's people who benefit from this and not roles? My tension clearly doesn't come from any of my roles I fill in the company circle but from me feeling these chores also need attention.

(I asked the person energising this role before, but nothing happened, so now I want it to be recorded and to come up in the Tacticals.)

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Karilen Mays

Marlene - I appreciate your self awareness and consideration about whether it is really the best path for you to get involved in this way as a person!

I often feel the pull to get personally involved and am at times personally impacted by roles doing their work, so it is an ongoing challenge for me to respect the due process and circle boundaries, and also build capacity for the organization by processing my tensions (or realizing I dont need to because there is a role for it).

Do you know if the Team Event Organiser role has also felt this, and if so, if you have considered supporting (in a peer coach capacity perhaps as individual action) them to process this tension?

I wonder if going directly to that role, even outside of tactical, may be another path.

The reason I wonder is sometimes those who are "closest to the work" are best suited to process it. Not sure if this applies in this case.

You could try showing up in tactical and making a request that is not based in any role, and if others want to hold to the rules, there is a chance you would get re-directed so to speak.

Other than that, you could try making a request of the lead link of the circle and they may take on the project for their circle, and then "break it down further" by bringing it into the circle meeting themselves.

Keep us posted on how it is going with this one if you are willing.

Christel Hofman

@ Marlene, I find this a very interesting issue.   My question is: Why do you have the roles Office Care Taker and Team Event Organiser? They probably were an answer on a tension and do have a purpose  that is alligned with the organizations purpose. If so, how does your tension relate to the purposes of those roles and to the purpose of the organization?

We as role fillers have our personal needs to fulfill our roles the best we can. To take good membership in the organization and enact our roles purposes and accountabilities it is sometimes necessary to satisfy some "personal" needs. So we cn be more present for our roles. Maybe you can solve this with with a proposal for a policy?

I realy would like to hear from others about this subject.


Thank you for your replies. I ended up not proposing anything but just creating a new chores plan and invited the role "Office care taker" to discuss it over coffee. I realised that the issue is simply not important enough to take it to the tactical meeting. Also, I reminded myself that everything that is done in a tactical can also be done outside of the meeting.

Karilen Mays

Appreciate you sharing your progress and insight Marlene... Keep us posted!