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Role presence required for a meeting to take place ?

Q : Can I propose a policy "No governance meeting can be held without having at least 1 Role X present". Role X being a multi-filled role.

My A : You could create a policy to require a quorum, but you cannot require a specific role to be present for the meeting to take place. Section 3.3.2. Furthermore it would create a possible blocking situation (If the partners filling the role don't want to come, there's no meeting).

Am I getting this right ?


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Hi Xavier,


First of all, what is the tension? As any role can call for a special governance meeting and any decision can be revisited at anytime?

I think you can define a quorum though, I agree with your answer.

Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Xavier,

Can you be more specific about the tension behind? Is it related to the "multi-filled role"?