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Restructure Sub-circle in GlassFrog


I am working with a client who needs to restructure a sub-circle and I need advise on an error message shown in Glassfrog. 

The situation is that we want to move circle C1 and circle  C2 into circle A with C1 and C2 are a sub-sub-circles nested in B which is a sub-circle nested in A. (There are 2 circles at the C

When in a Governance Meeting of the A level, I tried 2 approaches and got different results including an error message.

  • Approach 1: I used the "Add/Edit Role" function to edit sub-circle B. I could accomplish all of this in 1 step which is to select "make sub-circle B a role" while "retaining sub-sub circle C1 and C2 in A". 
  • Approach 2: When I used the "Restructure sub-circle" option, I had a choice to move "roles" C1 & C2 out of B (understanding that at A level and B level, C1 & C2 are treated as roles). When I tried to accept the proposal, I got an error message saying, "invalid event: accept_in_meeting".

Can anyone help me understand the differences between these two approaches? Why does the 2nd approach show the error message? What does "accept in meeting" mean? 

Many thanks!




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