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Resources for Badge-Based Comp System

I'm about to introduce the Badge-Based Comp system at our company and looking for additional resources to help people get it.

What resources you could share to help with the implementation?


Materials I have found so far:

The H1 Badge database is public and has many great examples.

I found a link to a Walkthrough of Badge-Based Comp System at H1's Compensation Architect role. Brian, would you share that publicly?

H1's Badge criteria:

- A badge should include a stand alone description of a single measurable or objective/definable skill/skill set.
- A badge should be described in one sentence ideally, or succinct bullets.
- A badge should be something that is either already being expressed in the organization, or a missing skill requested by a role with the authority to assign partners to roles.
- Optimal badges have only one skill set. So a project manager could possibly define a "Vendor Liaison" badge as part of it, and actual planning and driving toward outcomes to meet stakeholder needs as another part.
- If a badge has any “levels” associated they must each be a “stand alone” skill set, with clear and distinct difference between levels. So you want to create a badge level 4, you would also need to create level 1-3. Levels are not applicable unless they build on each other.

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