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Requests made by roles outside your circle

Hello, one of the roles I fill at AIMMS is the Holacracy Coach role to support AIMMSians in practicing Holacracy. I recently took the practitioner assessment, and there's one part that really got me confused.

Can you expect that roles outside your circle will seriously consider any request you make for them to take on a Next-Action or a Project which
expresses one of the Accountabilities?

FEEDBACK on assesment: There is no duty of consideration for requests made to Roles outside the Circle of the requesting Role; see Constitution Section 4.2.]

I could use some guidance here, as I want to avoid coaching 'bad' practices.
Here's what I would normally say to someone asking me how to collaborate outside the circle:

  • If you are certain about which role holds the right accountability, you may go directly to the role holder and process your tension - make a request
  • You may also go directly to the Rep Link of your sub-circle and ask to process your tension during a meeting of a broader circle
  • Bring to tactical meeting and let the process take care of it

Now, the way I am interpreting feedback from the practitioner assessment is that making direct request to roles outside of your circle is not possible?! That can't be true right? Can someone explain? Thank you in advance!

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