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Requesting Checklist and Matrices

Hello all,


I know that matrices can only be requested by the lead link, is checklist the same thing?

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Eric Graham (Admin)

Hi Max,


Checklists are different. While Metrics can only be added by the Lead Link, checklists can be added by anyone to their own roles, and anyone can request checklists of another role.



Massimo Giliberti

Thanks Eric,


I take that the role that it is request of needs to approve as well.

Stephan Jenner

Role doesn't need to approve it has an obligation under the duties of transparency as spelled out in 4.1.1 of the constitution


Checklist Items & Metrics: You must share whether you have completed any regular, recurring actions that you routinely perform in service your Roles in the Circle. You must also track and report on any metrics assigned to your Roles by the Circle’s Lead Link, or by any other Role or process granted the authority to define the Circle’s metrics


Yes and... just to use my super-power for pointing out the obvious: let's not forget that the people who energise the roles can talk to one another about the need for metrics / checklist items so that one can understand the problem that the other is trying to solve. Such an approach tends to lessen the resistance to complying with the work to provide the metrics, etc.

Karilen Mays
Originally Posted by max588:

Thanks Eric,


I take that the role that it is request of needs to approve as well.

Max, Right. If the role filler is already doing it anyway, then w/ the duty to bring transparency, that could be adding to tactical meeting checklist. However, if the recurring action is something the role filler is not already doing, my process is to ask the role filler if that action makes sense to them based on their accountabilities, to help make sure expectations aren't being set accidentally "outside" of Governance records via checklist items.