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Request and Challenge

CoP Members, 

I'm hoping you can help me with orienting new team members. We are a small preschool and we have operating with Holacracy for 9 months now. Everything is going great and people are really engaged but we are having a challenge explaining it when we onboard new team members. We have an info sheet, some videos from the holacracy resources, and spend time with new team members walking through glassfrog. We are now doing the glassfrog habits too. 

But as I was looking for just the right video to help our new teacher get it I remembered Brian's TEDx and began viewing it when I realized, though I am very connected to the low voltage light analogy, our teachers are not going to be able to connect with the airplane analogy. Most of our teachers don't come from the type of culture where being a private pilot would be connecting. I love the video but our current teacher, for whom english is a second language, is going to struggle with concepts like "bureaucratic artifacts", "social technology", etc. The corporate structure isn't where our teachers are coming out of so it can be hard to relate.

I want to support teachers to learn the basics in a way that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. I like the four minute intro but it doesn't talk about the actual structure. Are there resources that you use to introduce holacracy to people who aren't used to the corporate structure? If not, how can we create some?


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