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Posted in GlassFrogBy awo • 11/20/2017

Request - ability to @ mention a circle in Governance

I'd like to be able to respect circle boundaries by @-mentioining the name of a whole circle (EG "providing data to @Marketing") rather than a individual role ("providing data to @Marketing_Coordinator").

Maybe others would find this valuable too - doesn't currently seem to be possible!


Thanks, Andrew 

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You can mention the whole circle as a circle is a role.

I don't quite get your request... is it for GF?


ORLLY? I've tried it a few times and it hasn't worked. Yes it's a GlassFrog request.  


Maybe it's just that the circle (role) name doesn't appear in the auto-suggestions that pop up when you type an @ - so I guess that's the feature request. Or maybe it even does that and I'm just getting mixed up - it happens!

Alexia Bowers

[@mention:544274267239861666]: It should work like you describe - unless you are already within the circle that you are trying to reference, then it shouldn't because you are already in the circle. Does that make sense? But, you may have encountered a bug, in which case, can you submit a bug here: https://glassfrog.com/support/, and give us the details of what you are trying to do and which circles/roles are involved?


Ha - totally a case of user error then - thanks for your help