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Is it possible for a Rep Link from multiple sub-circles to be the same person? I can't seem to find anything that forbids it, yet it seems like a conflict of interest.

How can a member champion the interests of multiple sub-circles when they could be competing?

Any clarity is greatly appreciated!

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Tom Mulder

Yes that is possible. If you are Core Circle member then you are eligible for election in that Circle. No restriction in the Constitution on the number.

Guess your second part feels as a Tension that you experience. If the interests compete then it is up to the Role filler, based upon the Purpose, to decide. Off course you can process your Tension to see what comes out. If the conflict causes harm then you can always ask for new elections in one of the Circles.


You're right [@mention:523162737680436711] it's my tension ... based on absolutely nothing. This election has just happened, so I have no reason to insert my personal biases in this situation. 

Thank you for your clarity, I will work to stay in the moment and the let the Organization develop as it needs to. 

Keith Jarvis

Morgan - just to play devil's advocate - why not 'insert your personal biases?'

If your Tension isn't processed, are you in compliance with duty to process Tension?

Or is the Tension at play not related to pursuing your role's purpose, your circle's purpose, your organization's purpose?

Just curious...