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Rep Link of Sub-Circle in Super-Circle Tactical

Had an output to assign to the sub-circle Rep Link in a tactical meeting, but Rep Link wasn't an option in the dropdown of roles. Why is that?

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Bernard Marie Chiquet

Yes, you're right. GlassFrog do not allow for this feature. It should in my opinion as any Sub-Circle's Rep Link is a Role within the Circle. When this happens, I will use "individual action" instead of Rep Link of a Sub-Circle.

Olivier Compagne

I agree with Bernard Marie. The reason is perhaps that the Rep Link is not meant to get requests for actions and projects from the broader circle — that's the Lead Link's role. The Rep Link represents a sub-circle, but if someone wants to request actions or projects from a sub-circle, they should direct the request to its Lead Link, not its Rep Link. 

That said sometimes as Rep Link you want to take an action or project for yourself, and it would make sense to me too for GlassFrog to allow it. Maybe with a little warning message that the Rep Link isn't supposed to process requests from the broader circle

Alexia Bowers

Yup, what Olivier said! There is a story deep in the GlassFrog backlog to allow assigning projects and actions for Rep Links and I'll add an upvote for everyone who posted here. 

Bernard Marie Chiquet

Thanks Alexia. 

There are cases where we encountered the need during Tactical Meetings to capture Next-Actions for a Sub-Circle's Rep Link asking for it. And in our experience, this not exceptionnel, it may happen from time to time.