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Remote Holacracy Discussion Group

Who: You're part of a remote team that practices Holacracy or is Holacracy-powered. 

What:  Casual yet focused space to share best practices, roadblocks, and successes in implementing Holacracy in Remote teams! Previous topics have included; meeting seating, elections, PM software, and Constitution topics.

When: 4th Tuesday of each month at 11am EDT (45 minutes)

Where: Via Skype

We are [@mention:550748956143473957] and [@mention:550889693769022824] and we are 2 people that are in (different) Holacracy-powered organizations in different time-zones who met in this community thanks to [@mention:564684143600201011]!! 

Please email me at morgan@convert.com or leave a comment here and i'll add you to our next adventure on May 22!

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