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Reinforcing accountabilities through checklist items

Hello everybody,

I found a practice to ensure that people look to the accountabilities of roles and circles extensively. I ask for checklist items directly related to the accountabilities expressed in the role description. For example, if one accountability is "Update the pricing guidelines" I ask for a checklist item like "Pricing guidelines updated?". 

So far in my experience, most people do not look so closely to their roles' accountabilities, and I found that this procedure triggers a reflection about them. 

What do you think about it? Am I doing correctly? Thanks

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Davi,

Good idea... But might be a little heavy if you add to the checklist as many items as they are accountabilities on the roles of the circle!

And what if there is any update needed about the pricing guidelines? "Check" or "No Check"? Actually, you may ask implicitly a role for an action as it is up to the role to decide at any moment the relievent action to be done.

Suggestion : just add "Review my roles and accountabilities" for each member of the circle... which is in fact the outcome you wish.

Hope that helps,


Christel Hofman

Hi Davi,

I recognize the poor use of the checklist. What I ask all the cirkel members, as a coach, is to practice with checklist items and to add 1 checklist item to the list (weekly. mothly or quarterly) that the role filler would like to check for himself. Just to practice. The role filler can delete this item whenever he wants.