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Recruitment function app

Here is an app for organisations that want a recruitment function with the following features:

  • a clear final decision maker,
  • separation of the sometimes conflicting concerns of sourcing, assessing and selecting candidates, and
  • an equal focus on self-management ability and role-work skills.




Circle: Recruitment

Purpose: A great team at [organisation]

Domain: Hiring new partners





Policy: Using The "Hiring New Partners" Domain

Only Hiring Manager may impact the circle's domain to hire a new partner.

[Any other preconditions to hiring, like budgetary sign-off for the salary, can also be included here]


Policy: Hiring for Self-management 

New partners can be hired only if they have passed a defined interview process to demonstrate self-authoring mindset and potential for growth.

The @Self-management_Fit_Interviewer has a domain over passing people through this process.






Role: Hiring Manager

Purpose: Great new partners hired


  • Defining a role to be hired, and communicating the definition (and any changes to it) to other members of the circle including @Recruiter
  • Making final decision on who to hire
  • Providing feedback on candidate applications to @Recruiter on request
  • Seeking to understand tensions conveyed by@Self-management_Fit_Interviewer and @Role_Fit_Interviewer about candidates they have interviewed


Role: Recruiter

Purpose: Great candidates for all roles


  • Sourcing great candidates meeting definition set by Hiring Manager
  • Communicating and co-ordinating the process with candidates
  • Maintaining relationship with external recruitment partners
  • Creating and posting job adverts
  • Seeking to understand tensions conveyed by @Self-management_Fit_Interviewer and @Role_Fit_Interviewer about candidates they have interviewed
  • Inviting suitable candidates to interviews, and arranging interviews with @Self-management_Fit_Interviewer and @Role_Fit_Interviewer
  • Sending high quality feedback to all candidates


Role: Self-management Fit Interviewer

Purpose: Candidates identified who are ready for self-management 

Domain: Passing candidates through the self-management interview process


  • Devising thorough, objective, repeatable self-management fit interview process*
  • Responding to interview scheduling requests
  • Conducting self-management fit interviews
  • Providing written feedback for internal use and for candidate
  • Conveying tensions to @Hiring_Manager and @Recruiter to inform their decision making from a self-management fit point of view


Role: Role Fit Interviewer

Purpose: Candidates identified who have the skills we need


  • Devising thorough, objective, repeatable role fit interview process
  • Responding to interview scheduling requests
  • Conducting role fit interviews
  • Providing written feedback for internal use and for candidate
  • Conveying tensions to @Hiring_Manager and @Recruiter to inform their decision making from a role fit point of view



*A key part of how we use this app at GrantTree is in using a “Subject Object Interview”-type format as our way of objectively and repeatably measuring self-management ability. We can’t really capture how that works in an app, but open to be DM’d if anybody wants to discuss

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Koen Veltman

great app! one way on how to distribute this even more is create a policy that says something like this:

Hiring decisions:

@hiring_manager can only make a hiring decision in a dedicated meeting where the Hiring Manager makes a proposal to hire a candidate and role @self_management_fit_interviewer and @Role_Fit_Interviewer have no objections following the IDM process. 

Tyler Danke

This actually came at a really good time for me as we are going through the recruiting process now. Our hiring process has left a lot to be desired in unclear delineation of who is accountable for what, who can make what decisions, and because that was unclear our process didn't go well.

I just proposed async that PurelyPoultry try out this app. Here we don't use the word CV, "adverts", manager, "to briefs", 

We just removed CV so it is simply application. We used the full word for advertisement, we named the role Hiring instead of Hiring Manager. I honestly did not know exactly to fix "to briefs" in a way that made sense to me so I just proposed it because it is safe enough to try and we will revisit later. 

I decided to not make it a circle, at least initially. We already have a People and Partnership circle and I am unsure if we need the new circle. 

It is a really nice improvement to break out what we previously had on an unclear multi-filled role of what we called a Team Diplomat.

I hope that maybe we are able to come up with a clear system for firing or removing from partnership as well.


Really glad to hear this helped - makes it worthwhile having shared

We've certainly used some pretty generic business jargon in our governance and in this app - great that you've customised it. I might take some of those ideas back and tweak it!


"Hiring Decision" could also be a good role name for people who don't want to use the word "manager" (although "Hiring Manager" is standard jargon in recruitment)


Wow! Great policies! Thank you so much for sharing! 

Liz S

I'm interested in learning more about your “Subject Object Interview”-type format. 

Can we chat about this?

Tyler Danke

To fit with the pipeline stages that we have in our new Breezy HR system we used wording in the roles to be that Role Fit Interviews = phone screens and Self Management Fit Interviews = "interviews". We also split Application Reviewer as a separate role away from Recruiter. It seemed helpful that Recruiter would bring in the candidates and Application Reviewer actually says if they are good candidates or not and worthy of a Role fit Interview. Our HR System does all the communication with the candidates for us automatically once we set up the email templates for who is in what pipeline stage but we do still have a governance tension to figure out who should define what those "pipeline stages" are and what the template communications should be when candidates enter those stages.

Also just a tip, Calendly is totally free and removes a ton of the work of scheduling interviews and then you don't have to have a role accountable for it.


Oh yeah Calendly could be pretty cool for setting up initial phone calls - I'll take that suggestion to our Recruiter. 

We can also expect application feedback from the Hiring Manager - and that works for us - but I can see a separate Application Reviewer role really teases apart some maybe conflicting motivations so it's a cool development of the app