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Reaction Round after big amendment in Amend/Clarify

Hello friends,

I came across the situation that a couple of partners requested another reaction round from the facilitator after the proposer in a Governance Meeting had completely changed his proposal from just adding a nuance to a role's purpose to adding a new accountability + policy in the amend/clarify round. The specific thing here is that no one gave this specific feedback in the reaction round and thus partners felt "overwhelmed" by the big change then.

We stuck with the process and coached that people still could object if they see the proposal causes harm to the circle or organization but that it is the proposer's responsibility to come up with a proposal that is good enough to solve his/her tension and that if they wanted to give further feedback or implement a "better idea" they could log a tension separately.

Has anyone of you encountered a similar situation? How did you handle it?
Thanks for the feedback :-) and #trusttheprocess

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