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Reaction Round Activities

During a recent governance meeting, I was taking my turn during a reaction round, and I wanted to call out some details on one of the circle's roles.  I considered asking the secretary to pull it up for visibility to everyone, but that felt a bit out of order.  So the specific question is, during a reaction, can the reactor ask the secretary to pull up existing governance?  More generally, is that fair game at any time for the active speaker (clarifying questions, amend and clarify, ...)?

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Tom Mulder

[@mention:549059653907130620]. Article 3.3.5b provides you the answer:

.....Any participant may also ask the Secretary to read the captured Proposal or clarify any existing Governance, during this step or at any other time when the participant is allowed to speak, and the Secretary must do so.


Excellent.  Very clearly stated.  Thanks, [@mention:523162737680436711].