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Public Implementation

Hi - I've been promoting a "Democracy Operating System" in Canada (valuesgov.ca) and my objective is to use an online democracy system in a political riding in Canada. A riding is a constituency in Canada and averages 75,000 people with 338 ridings in the country.

I'm just wondering if holocracy has been used at a scale like this or if I'm in the wrong place?

Kind of shooting for the moon here but I like to start with a definable objective. lol. 

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Patrycja Joanna

Hey, you!

Great question, can't wait to see, if someone have ever done it.

I am in for helping out with the implementation if you ever decide to do it!




ValuesGov.ca (Canada)

thanks for the message Patrycja - my ancestry is Polish/Irish so I'm always looking for a fight apparently. Lol. We definitely have a plan for moving forward. If you're interested go to valuesgov.ca and send me an email with your background/skillsets and I'll let you know what we're up to.

Bruce Peters

I love this initiative.  Just signed up on the site for newsletter and more information. Am based in the states just south of the border. Have been working with a couple of companies on an open sourcing of some aspects of a simplified  "group" or "circle" connection platform. My direct e mail is brucep@beyondteal.com