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Providing Clarity for Multi-filled Roles

I’ve searched on this forum and not been able to find the answer to this yet. When a role is multi-filled, I understand that there are multiple ways of providing clarity about how the different people energise the same role. So it could be done with a specific defined focus (area or context) as defined in §2.4.2. So that’s clear. 
But can a specific accountability of a role be given as a focus, so that different role-holders energise different accountabilities of a role? 
For example, a Marketing role with accountabilities of: 
- posting on company's social media pages
- updating mailing list and sending regular newsletters
- booking speaking engagements at conferences… etc.
Is there anything in the constitution to say that this role can’t be multi-filled by 2 people, one of whom has a focus of 'Mailing List & Newsletters’ and the other with a focus of ‘All other aspects of this role’? Or any other such combinations…?
I know that the end of 2.4.2 says ‘when a Role assignment includes a Focus, the Purpose, Accountabilities, and Domains defined for the role apply just within the specified Focus for that particular person.' Its not clear to me whether this means that its not possible to do what I’m describing here or not? 
Any clarifications welcome please, thank you!
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