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Proposal and Reaction, Facilitator and secretary

Hi There,

We are beginners to Holacracy and we've already practiced 2 Gorvernance Meeting. 

We have somes questions that are not clear for us : 

  • Proposal : Can a proposal be "bigger/larger" than the tension processed ?
    • ie : Tension : No one has authaurity to manage Air Conditioner Temperature
    • Proposal : Adding a role : Air Manager
      • Domains : 
        • Air Conditionner
        • Fans ...
    • Here the tension is about Air Conditioner. No tension with Fans.
    • Is the proposal valid as it includes Fans in Domains ?
  • Reaction Round : Is it allowed to name other people ?
    • ie : As "John Doe" said earlier ...
    • ie : "John Doe" did that ... 
    • We think it is reacting to other reactions
  • Facilitator : Beign Facilitator and Core Circle Members is quite difficult. 
    • You have to "facilitate" the meeting while trying to participate to it
    • We noticed that the Facilitator couldn't energize his own roles during the meeting
    • Sometime he has tension for his own roles, so he has to validate objections "against" his own proposal
    • It seems a bit confusing
    • Same seems to apply for the Secretary. 
    • Any advices ?




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