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Project updates vs checklist item "Review status of all projects you are assigned to"

HI all,

We are having more and more tactical meetings in our team and we noticed that in the second part of the meeting there is a global weekly checklist item called: Review status of all projects you are assigned to

Then, the 4th par of the meeting is "project updates".  

What am I missing here?  They seem redundant.  Thanks for helping me to understand the salient differences between the two portions of the meeting.  We typically skip project updates in the checklist sections and just do any necessary status updates under the project updates section of the meeting.  Thanks for your time in replying!

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Without knowing what the "Review status of all projects..." item looks like in one of your meetings, I can't say for sure.  However, in general, a checklist item would be responded to during the tactical meeting with a simple "check" or "no check" indicating whether or not you completed the item (i.e., reviewing the status of your projects).  On the other hand, during project updates, you would speak to what has actually changed on a project since the last tactical meeting.  The difference being the level of detail reported (with basically no detail being given for a checklist item).

Again, without knowing details, it's tough to say, but I would guess that the checklist item is just ill conceived.


Agree with Geoff. I'm curious about your intention with a checklist item "Review status of all projects you are assigned to".. As the response is limited to 'check' or 'no check' it may be simply that, to have a sense of the level of checkness. If actually you are using this as a way to get everyone to speak to all projects then I'd question its value and whether it should be a checklist item? Any projects can be assigned as projects and updated upon in 'Project' item on agenda. And a member can explicitly requested updates on a specifc project if they wish or simply raise a tension in Triarge

Sam Burnett

Geoff and Dick,

You two are great!  Your replies clued me in that somethign must have been wrong on my end. I looked at the program and realized that "global metrics" were set by admins (me and my team) and that the checklist item was likely an artefact from when we were less practiced at holacracy.  I had understood that "global metrics" were part of meetings as designed in glassfrog and not things created by our team.  

Thank you for helping me to puzzle through that!