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Project updates of non-core circle members

Hi there! 

Let me explain my tension: I am LeadLink of a circle with core and non-core circle members. All of them work on projects, but non-core circle members are not present during Tacticals, so we don't get updates on their projects. I would like to get project updates without needing to make everyone a core circle member.. but I couldn't find anything in the constitution about what to do with non-core circle members' project updates.

So I've now asked all non-core circle members to give their project updates to the rep link so the rep link can update during tactical meetings. The rep-link seemed the most logical role to rep non-core circle members during tactical, but the rep link isn't accountable for it and imo the purpose of the rep link role does not completely match as it's mainly focused on repping to the super circle.

Others who've run into this problem as well? Does anyone have advice on what to do? 

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