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Project for a circle

What's your process of breaking down project to be processed by the circle? For example, in our company:

  • during bigger circle tactical meeting, a project is requested from the sub-circle.
  • LL of the sub circle process it into its circle's backlog.
  • During the sub-circle tactical meeting (or outside the meeting). The LL break it down, or since the circle is software development-centric, most project starts from gathering requirement by Product Manager role.
  • After finished with the requirement project, LL request design from Design role, then development from Software Engineer role, and finally deployment from QA role. 

But sometime Product Manager interact directly to its client, and start a "project" for the circle (because most requirement will eventually be developed into software).

  • So instead of coming from LL of the subcircle, the flow begins from Product Manager to gather requirement
  • Designer to design the UI
  • Software Engineer to develop the software
  • QA to test and deploy

So what is your flow / process for a circle "project"?


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Tom Mulder

Fajar, if it is part of the Product Managers accountabilities or it serves the Purpose of the role then no problem in starting a "project" for a client. Just go like a Ferrari. If an other role has a Tension with it then this role can process this and maybe propose a Policy around handling "projects".

Fajar Firdaus

[@mention:523162737680436711], if the project comes from tactical meeting of the super-circle, does it mean that LL is only forwarding the request to PM role? because LL will need to update the progress / status of the project for other role in the super circle project dashboard.

Also I am interested if other software development related circle using holacracy out there has different (better) approach. As the steps I mention above is pretty standard for software development house. My motivation of asking this is, to learn about how different is it before and after holacracy.

Tom Mulder

Fajar, the LL takes the project from the Super circle into the sub circle. It is the LL role to make sure that it gets done. How the process is set up in the sub circle is up to the sub circle. The LL can put it on the project board of the sub circle and this way gets info to report in Super circle if needed or just talk with the role that is responsible for it in the sub circle.