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Processing Tensions Around Shared Domains

We have a small school and we are working to implement holacracy. We have a tension around playground care, upkeep of the playground, and the budget for new playground materials. Currently there is no defined role that holds the domain of the playground spaces. One of the spaces is used by the co teacher role in all three classrooms and the other space is only used by the co teacher role in two of the three classrooms. 

The tension involves the spaces not being well cared for or tended but we are struggling to clearly define a role around this shared space because the domain is used by many, and accountabilities are held by no one. Anytime I try to write a proposal for a new role to hold the domain I struggle to articulate clear purpose and accountabilities.

I'm afraid that the role will end up cleaning up after all the other roles that are using the space. I'm unsure how the role could create a policy that would manage that challenge while not stepping on the co teacher role that requires use of that space. If I create a conditional policy (if you use the space then you pick up after yourself) but fulfilling the role of co teacher requires them to use the space it seems like a false choice. I'm curious if anyone else has strategies that work well for their shared spaces. 

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Karilen Mays

You might try a circle policy instead of a domain Jenn, along with a role with accountabilities for supporting the space. This role could be multi filled or even filled by everyone.

The policy could say "you may only use the play ground if you enlist the help of another (role name) and help clean up after yourself."


"Coteachers may only use classroom space if they follow the use checklist created by (role name)."

Also, consider dropping the tension about domains and try crafting a role to steward the space and develop the budget. Focus on purpose (what would wild success look like) and accountabilities (what you want to expect on an ongoing basis) and leave the space role at that for now perhaps.

Process controlling or constraining space usage separately from keeping it up, and it may come together down the road.

Let me know if this helps!