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Posted in GlassFrogBy Jeff Kreh • 02/10/2016

Print Manual

Is there a simple way in GlassFrog to create a printed manual re. Roles (complete with a "updates since last printing")? 

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Alexia Bowers

Hi Jeffrey,

The closest thing is the print view on the person page: click on a person's name in GlassFrog to go to their roles page. There's a printer friendly button that will print the roles for that person and a date stamp. Is that what you had in mind?

Jeff Kreh


That is a workable solution. It may not make sense in a digital age to print a Roles Manual. Still, some of us work with/in regulated industries that require binders upon binders of printed manuals...


Alexia Bowers

Hey, who am I to argue with reality? You might also be able to use the API if you have technical capacity in your organization - is that an option for you?

If you want to describe a bit about how these binders are used, I'll take notes as GlassFrog product manager and can noodle on it. I've heard others request a printable page of all of the roles on a circle with their accountabilities and domains.



I have also been working on something like this. I've been doing it the slow way of typing everything in GoogleDocs, but that's taking forever. 

We have a few circles that pretty much never go on GlassFrog unless they're at a meeting. It has been requested to have a binder of all Circles, roles, accountabilities, etc. so that they could look at them when the need arises.

If there were a faster way to print, it would be awesome. 

Alexia Bowers

Oof! I'll make a note that you +1 that, Adrienne! Thanks!