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Pre-Holacracy Stage

We plan to start Holacracy in our company in future.

There are few reasons to not start it right away, but I would like to start preparing us, to become more "Holacratic" - I belive, that if it could bring us closer to the idea, then it is going to be easier to switch.

I wandered where to start?

It looks that rewriting Job Description in a Role Style is good beginning, do you have any other advices for this "Pre-Holacracy Stage"

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Bernard Marie Chiquet
Mikolaj posted:


I wandered where to start?

It looks that rewriting Job Description in a Role Style is good beginning, do you have any other advices for this "Pre-Holacracy Stage"

yep, I suggest you start by adopting the Constitution... and then get Glassfrog, define a first initial structure, attend a Practitioner Certification Training, get a seasoned coach, and kick off with the first governance & tactical meeting.

Sally McCutchion

Hi Mikolaj,

Here are a few suggestions that I put together for a business who sound like they are in a similar position to you i.e. preparing to become a Holacracy powered organisation. 

Purpose - Have a clearly defined purpose for the organisation that you use as your North Star. You don’t need to get it perfect because your purpose is likely to evolve as the business grows. Two useful questions when defining purpose are ‘What does this organisation want to be in the world?’ and ‘What does the world need this organisation to be?’. 

Remuneration - Try to avoid attaching pay to job titles in the early days. Think about the key skills and qualities that the business needs at this stage and use these to distinguish pay levels. Make these skills transparent so your people know what is needed and how to achieve a pay increase. It is also useful to identify a pay ratio for your business. What is the ratio from the lowest to the highest pay level? Teal companies tend to have a far lower ratio differential than traditional businesses, the range can span from 1:5 to 1:140.

Talk about roles rather than people - When you are in work situations, try to get into the habit of referring to the roles that are completing each task, rather than the people. To help with this, write down a list of all the tasks that are being done in the business now, cluster them into groups of similar or related tasks and then give each group a title. The thing to remember with this is not to predict the tasks that you think might need to happen, focus on what is actually being done in the business now. When you have come up with titles for each cluster, these can be the roles that you refer to.

Meetings - Create a structure for your meetings that starts with a check in to give everyone an opportunity to say anything they need to say that is distracting them or helps them connect to the meeting. Identify key checklist items and metrics that you want to keep track of and monitor them at every meeting. Ask for any relevant project updates and then identify any barriers to work being done. Keep the meeting to a fixed length of time and avoid getting sidetracked by personal stories.

I hope these ideas help as you move towards adopting the constitution and becoming fully Holacracy powered.


Sally McCutchion

You inspired me to write a blog about this subject because my experience is that a large number of organisations are looking for a way to 'take steps towards' Holacracy - thanks for your inspiration!



Purpose and roles (not job) definitions are definitely making sense, also b4 start. 

Further you can start people-supporting-initiatives for topics which will become more important in Holacracy like peer-feedbacks, conflict solving, ...