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Practitioner Marketplace

I hear about a lot of people who want a place to practice Holacracy. If you are an independent practitioner or are working in an organization that does not (yet) run with Holacracy, and are looking for a place I am talking to you!

If there is no better way to facilitate these connections, perhaps you can post here, and organizations like Springest and others who will let you build skills or participate somehow can also look here. 

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Davi Gabriel da Silva

Nice, Karilen! I would love to have a space to practice, especially in English. I have some experience, but only in Portuguese


Great Karilen - I'd love an opportunity to practice - especially in Australia - but happy for opportunities via skype. Cheers

Sandy Li

This is good news ! I would love to do more practice , thank  you for the idea.


Hello Hello. 

I, too, am interested in practicing Holacracy and with various online meeting platforms this should not be too hard. 

So let me know when a Holacracy practice meeting to simulate governance and tactical meetings will occur and I will make sure I will attend. This would most helpful in my preparation of my facilitator assessment test.


Hey community,

There is now a marketplace forum that's been opened for this purpose. Please feel free to post there!