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Practicing in Small Organizations (25 and Under)

I think there are unique challenges and opportunities for small staff organizations and would like to start a forum specifically to share insights and successes. Is anyone else interested?

Some of these challenges include financial constraints, role overload, founder bottleneck, etc...

I have (totally off the top of my head) set the staff size at 25 but welcome participation from others with larger teams experiencing similar challenges.

I look forward to a rich discussion among our community!

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Karilen Mays

I am interested. We have about 15 partners. So all the resourcing issues, bottlenecking, founder fusion, projection, role overload, spending processes, people support practices when we have lots of operational business issues to focus on, prioritization etc. are all very aligned with my current interests at HolacracyOne.

Tyler Danke

I am very interested. I am going to have 10 partners next week. Essentially we worked as 6 subcircles and 1 supercircle before holacracy and are still struggling with the transition. We adopted holacracy this fall and are attempting to bootstrap holacracy because... Bootstrapping is what we do. 

Bernard Marie Chiquet

Interested too... IGI Partners is a 4 Partners Company practicing Holacracy since 2010

Rebecca Brover

Thank you for your interest. I'm open to ideas on how to proceed. A couple of thoughts that immediately spring to mind would be to request a new forum for this topic where we can compile new (and more specific) topics like the ones presented by Karilen and Tyler thus far and perhaps a monthly open conference call to discuss small organization issues in real time and offer each other support and feedback.

I am most happy to take the lead in both a request to H1 for the forum and hosting a monthly call if other are amenable.

Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to further fruitful discussion.

Tyler Danke
Sounds great Rebecca.

Tyler Danke
Ruben @ Springest

I like it too, happy to contribute! Although I have to say (also from the top of my head) that I think 80% of H practicing organisations are <25 people :X So maybe you'd want to create a "big elephant org" forum and let the smaller companies run the rest

Susan Basterfield

I would love to be involved, both of my Holacracy organisations flex between 5-12

Stephan Jenner

I spend a lot of my time with organisations under 25 so happy to contribute here. I only recently started with a 250 size organisation and my initial thoughts are there are more similarities with constraints than differences also the process has really highlighted the major inefficiencies in the larger organisation compared to smaller organisations. Large organisations seem to solve problems with human capital whereas smaller use more systems approaches and innovations this maybe my narrow view but it has been my experience even before doing Holacracy implementations where I worked with many different size organisations.