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Practical examples of check-in round ?

The constitution states:

(a) Check-in Round: The Facilitator allows each participant in turn to share their current state or thoughts, or offer another type of opening comment for the meeting. Responses are not allowed.

We are doing this check-in round for a few months now, but it still feels strange and not very useful: 

  • since discussion is not allowed, if someone has something to say (like "i don't feel good"), he must talk about the details otherwise there is some strange "suspense" that must wait for the team agenda
  • because of that, people either just say "i'm ok" (even if that's not true), explain peculiarities of their week (e.g. "i will be away on thursday"), or make a joke (while useful to ease tension, it does generate some responses)

So while i definetly acknowledge the usefulness of such an initial check-in round for the merits of focusing people onto the meeting, i'm looking for more useful stuff to exchange.

Can anyone describe an actual check-in round as it happens ? What kind of useful, one-way information can be shared ?


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