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Policy Valid or Not


We are practicing Holacracy for 5 month now, one circle, 10 members.

Recently we had few new Policies for GCC, and I feel they are not valid, but I am not able to proof it.

They look to me too detailed to be a "Policy" - i know this is not a good reason to object, but I would like to ask you for your oppinion:

Examples of the Policies are as follows:

- There should be no private packages orederd and delivered to the company office. (for safety and work efficiency reason)

- There should be no eating outside the canteen.

- Person using company car, in case of accident, or any other damage, is responsible to contact insurance company directly.

- Payments are made every week on Thursday

Some of the Policies are kind of copy of existing, old rules, and some of them are not.


Please let me know your oppinion.


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