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Policy for just one Circle (not for Subcircle!)

Hello everyone,

I´m trying to find a solution for a topic concerning policies.

I am member in a circle that contains a subcircle. I want to create a policy in this circle that is only valid for this circle, but not for subcircles.

E.g.: No meetings on a monday. (because the majority of the circlemembers makes customer-visits on monday)

In the subcirlces there is no need for this policy, but as the policy of the broader circle ist also binding for the subcircle, the subcircle ist limited (they could attend meetings on a monday, as they do not have customercontact).

In the Holacracy-software I did not find a solution for that.

How do you solve topics like this in your company?

best regards


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Tom Mulder

Andreas, I am curious what tension brought you to the Proposal to make an explicit Policy.

You can just pitch to the Secretary of the Circle that on Monday the majority of the Circle Members are out for business. From a cooperative Secretary you then may expect to plan the meetings on one of the other days. 


We have a similar case, where we define more specific rules for how to deal with Governance out of Meeting in a policy. Since we don't want to impose that on all the sub-circles, we just add a sentence limiting it to that circle (in our case the GCC):
This policy defines the process of handling GoG proposals for the GCC.

Andreas Schobesberger

Thank you for your replies!

Chris, your comment was interesting but was removed in the meantime (?)

As we are using I can´t tell how this works in glassfrog - maybe one of you can tell me.

Because in holaspirits "My authority" section all policies of all parent-circles are shown (including these, not referring to a domain)

Chris Cowan

Hey Andreas, I deleted my comment because the guidance was incorrect. Hadn't had my morning coffee I suppose. 

Bernard Marie Chiquet

[@mention:509229108482417904] For the example you mention 

"E.g.: No meetings on a monday. (because the majority of the circlemembers makes customer-visits on monday)"

I would simply add a Policy like "No meeting will be held on mondays" and this would in my intrepretation affect only this Circle.