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Policy and/or Accountability?

I'm still struggling in determining when a policy versus accountabilities, or both, are appropriate.

A co-worker just emailed several of us:

Any time you guys upload an ad to the staging server can you just let me know how many have been uploaded. I'll need to keep track because these don't pull on my end of the month report. If you can think of anyone else who would be uploading to the Staging server can you just forward this along to them as well.

In my role as Social Technologist, I wanted to suggest a course of action to her in how to propose this be incorporated into governance. She is engaging roles one circle up & over (her role is in Client Services, which is a sub-circle of Customer Communications, which is parallel to the Product Circle she's engaging; Product & Customer Communications are immediate sub-circles of the GCC). Presumably she should run this through two layers of Rep Links to the GCC.

Should the GCC proposal be adding an accountability to the circle containing the roles she's engaging? Add accountability to Product Circle: "Notifying Production Operations whenever uploading an ad to the staging server"

AND/OR should it be a GCC policy? "Whenever uploading an ad to the staging server, immediately notify Production Operations of the number of ads uploaded."

I'd really appreciate help! It's bigger than just figuring out this one use case - I really need to wrap my head around accountabilities vs. policies.

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