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Policy about relational aspects

Hi everybody, I'm taking part in an organization with a pedagogical purpose : to live experiences of cooperation. In this organization, groups of 15 people get in for 10 days and realize a mission. And 4 people welcome them and coach them during this experience. I give you this context so that you can understand that nobody in this organization is paid by the organization. There is no working agreement, or partner agreement. Now, my question to you is that I wonder if the following policy is valid : "Benevolence: for oneself, for the other and for the group Confidentiality: commitment to respect the confidentiality of the situations, subjects, problems exposed in the different spaces: Meetings, Circles, spaces of regulation, supervision, ... Sovereignty: everyone chooses in conscience what he wishes to share, respecting his limits, and taking into account those of others. Each one is sovereign in the organization, in responsibility: of his own limits, his needs, his emotions. To make requests, proposals, to object. " I already read the helpful article from Chris Cowan about "Policy governing people" : https://blog.holacracy.org/pol...lacracy-ffeae61828eb I'm not very sure about this case. As Secretary of the circle, by now, I would appreciate your opinions, your advices, and if you think that is a not valid one, your suggestions to transform it. In advance : thank you very much for your contributions
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