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Planning Sabbatical and learn more about Holacracy

The date has been fixed, the location not quite: In September 2017 I intend to take a break from my job as a senior consultant in Germany and go to an English speaking country for at least half a year. I would love to use this period of time to gain insights into organisations using holacracy. I am ready to do about everything, as long as I will understand more about holacracy, speak English and earn my living.

I am broadly trained, e.g. in Solution-focused Consultancy, Non-Violant Communication and Group Dynamics; use tools like Management Constellations and Design Thinking. I am experienced in facilitating many different kinds of workshops and team coachings

For more information check my LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cordula-damm-34366861/

If you have any idea, please get in touch!!!


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