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Perceptions of Holacracy

So, I was reading an interesting new book - New Power - How its changing the 21st century and why you need to know  by Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans - and was taken aback by 5 paragraphs on pp 235-6. Holacracy was the topic, and it is described as 'new power for robots'. 'Restrictions and protocols, with a good sprinkle of jargon, become the focus under Holacracy, not the work itself.' There is also the claim that 1/3 of Zappos staff left in 2015 partly as a result of Holacracy, and that Medium has 'abandoned Holacracy', saying that 'it was getting in the way of the work'. 

Perhaps the most puzzling aspect was the claim by Julia Culen that Holacracy took away her 'natural authenticity as well as my feeling of aliveness'. It was from a 2016 post on Medium...

As I see it, Holacracy doesn't fit their new power model because it violates their idea of spontaneity and agility (which is all new power-based). The book just runs out of steam at the end, or at least one chapter too soon. It claims to tell me why I need to know about new power, which it does, I suppose, but it has nothing to say about what to do about it.



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