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peer to peer sharing of holacracy experiences/ leading to peer to peer coaching.

dear friends, we have been implementing Holacracy in our enterprise for more than an year. I have done a practitioner and coach training, which has made things easier, and yet we have sufficient challenges, which can often throw some of us to the ground. 

I have two requests. 

1. if any one feel comfortable to coach me, please let me know so we can connect and get support. 

2. i am seeking people who want to create a Holacracy practice group where people come and share about their challenges on a zoom call. i am willing to intiate and even host it for a few weeks, till some one else can jump in. in case you want to be part of these calls, please write to me. besides, there calls could also be recorded and share with the others here who want to learn from other people's experiences with holacracy. 


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Tom Mulder


This initiative will be starting soon. Maybe something to investigate.