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Peer Rating via Reinventing Organisations

Hello Guys,

I just finished reading Reinventing Organisations (and subsequently, the yellow book) and am very interested in the peer rating system mentioned in Reinventing Orgs.

Described in this book is a model where each person is asked two questions;
1. Rate <x's> impact compared to yours on a scale of -3 to 3
2. How qualified is <x> to rate your impact 1 to 5

Has anyone developed a spreadsheet or something that helps work all this out? 

On another note, I find it interesting that this model is not described in the yellow book. Is there a reason for that? 




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Eric Babinet

Denis - The model you describe is what HolacracyOne used before they moved to the Badge Based Compensation approach, so I'm guessing that's why it doesn't appear in the Holacracy book.



Karilen Mays

Yeah, guessing Eric is right; HolacracyOne's compensation system has been upgraded and perhaps that is why Brian didn't write about the old one in the Holacracy book. That was a process based comp system, which at least compensation was:

  • determined by more than one person
  • process was transparent
  • included an algorithm that was objective, even though it included subjective inputs

It was still very subjective and messy, but may be a better and more feasible next step than a full badge based system for some organizations. If you write us, someone may be able to dig up the spreadsheet and send to you or publish:


On a related note, August has published their compensation system which is an algorithm and they are also willing to share the "source code" if you contact them. As far as I know, they don't practice Holacracy, though from a quick read, it follows a good number of principles that would make it worthy of consideration for a transparent processed based comp app in a Holacracy run organization: https://medium.com/21st-centur...2c5d9649c#.v26ukukln

Sandy Li

It is helpful, thank you !

denis krizanovic

Hi Karilen,

I'd very much like it if you could dig up the spreadsheet.

I'm not at a point of basing compensation on this method yet. But more interested in exposing peer ratings.. Compensation is too big a bear for me to wrestle at this stage.

Looking forward to your response,



Karilen Mays

I haven't been able to locate the spreadsheet, but if I do I will share Denis. Is it accurate that you are looking to devise a process for peer feedback rather than a compensation system?

Can you say more about the tension if it is not compensation (the big bear!)? Maybe we can help in other ways if so.

denis krizanovic

Hi Karilen,

At this stage, we are not a Holacracy organisation. I finished the yellow book one week ago. So, we don't have any tensions. : )

I thought the peer rating model as described in Reinventing Orgs could be useful in any context when you want to get a grasp of your impact compared to your peers.

Thanks for trying. I will try and work on a spreadsheet myself and may publish said spreadsheet when I complete it.




denis krizanovic


Ok Guys, as I suggested above, here is the spreadsheet.


As expected, it's quite simple, once you transpose the axes.

Looking at the "totals", it seems like I'll be using only the ranking of the peers, rather than the totals.

The outcome I'm looking for is for this ranking to be input into peer discussions that canvas the question, "what's holding me back from being more impactful?".






Daniel Sigrist

Hi Denis,

thanks for the spreadsheet! It looks pretty handy to me. I'm currently working with a team that wants to adapt a peer rating system and I will to talk to them about some possibilities I see in reference ot Reinventing Organizations. I'll meet them tomorrow and will gladly show them your spreadsheet as one way they could do it.

If ever they choose to adapt this, I will report back with some feedback and learnings I get. 

So, thanks again - that spreadsheet came just in time. :-)