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Partner with us to create awesome Holacracy adoption resources

HolacracyOne Resource circle is creating high quality & easy to find Holacracy content & tools that make practice easier for novices & experts alike. We are seeking feedback from all of you to focus our development on the most useful resources and help with tools for successful adoptions. We would greatly appreciate if you can take a few minutes to fill the survey below. Thank you!


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Tom Mulder

If I click the link I can not access. Need to request access

Stephan Jenner

Yup same here

Yoad Rowner

My apologies. try again: https://goo.gl/forms/L69KRlzFwzWTQnBb2

Nick Osborne

Apologies again from me if you tried and couldn't open the survey- my mistake on the access settings! 

We are using an interesting value proposition design process and would love to get your input; and explore if we could develop some partnerships to co-create much-needed learning resources to scale-up support for successful Holacracy adoptions. 

The survey is only 7 questions and should be quick to complete- perhaps even under 2 mins so why not fill it in right now?!

Many thanks in advance, Nick 

Michael Bodekaer

Great initiative [@mention:450960215289659578] and [@mention:570033054297079035]

Filled out the form. 
Do you have any ETA for this new training material? 
And can you already recommend existing Lead Link, Rep Link and Facilitator training videos? We're growing fast, and will be onboarding many new people in those roles over this year.

Nick Osborne

Thanks [@mention:591149009905414596] for filling out our Holacracy resources survey!

A resource for the 4 core roles (Lead Link, Rep Link, Facilitator, Secretary) is one of the first we are working on and my projection on having a Minimal Viable Product to test is 1-2 months from now; with other resources following. 

Michael Bodekaer

Great! Sounds very good.

Please just ping me if you'd like early feedback on the content outline for the videos.
We'll work here to integrate your videos as part of our onboarding when people take on those roles for the first time.

Do you see any way to automate this within Glassfrog? 
E.g. the first time a user get's a Lead/Rep Link role in Glassfrog, they are required/recommended to complete a short onboarding video training?


Yoad Rowner

Great idea. Nick shared your suggestion with the GlassFrog team and it may in incorporated in a later version of the resource. 

We would love to get feedback on the content once it is out and I will be sure you ping you once the videos are available. Feel free to share feedback with me directly anytime - yoad@holacracyone.com