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Organizations using holacracy as an interface to develop deeper relationships?


Hi everyone,  I am looking for examples of organizations who have opened their structure to partners, more specifically in client/providers relationships  ( provider has roles in client structure or viceversa) ,where both are  organizations with separate ownerships, have you seen that happen as a way to integrate the supply chain?
has any organization practicing holacracy reached this stage? (besides H1 with its "ecosystem" circle)  i.e. in an effort to better leverage on the transparency to improve client/provider dynamics of interaction ?  In these situations  some interests are necessarily conflicting (in order for me to make more money you have to make less) but the increase in transparency and alignment may compensate that perceived risk, and I'd like to know what kind of safe nets have been implemented if any, to start this kind of relationship when the benefits are not clear in advance (i.e. a time frame to test this type of collaboration? With a review moment to decide if it's worth continuing?)


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