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Organization of Policies

We are about 4 months into our Holacracy practice and I am trying to figure out how to handle legacy policies and new governance.

We have a well organized staff handbook and appreciate both the value of glassfrog's organization of policies and the handbook style. Right now we have a policy in glassfrog that says "The staff handbook provides policies related to employment, general organizational responsibilities, and health and safety information. Please refer to this guidance here, Google docs link"

If we make changes in governance we make changes directly to the Google doc. We note the date and section headings updated so people can refer to it as necessary.

This practice is meeting my needs for having a printable document for new partners. My tension is a sense we may be better served distributing the content in glassfrog as the legacy and adoption guidance I have viewed on this forum suggests.

I am hoping others will share their experiences and suggestions.

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