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Open Organizations in GlassFrog

A very interesting way to learn, when implementing Holacracy, is by simply checking how others do it in GlassFrog.


Other than HolacracyOne and Evolving Organisation, are there other open examples out there? Maybe a directory?



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Koen Bunders

Hi Frederico,

Energized.org has opened its GlassFrog account.

You can check it here: https://glassfrog.holacracy.org/organizations/796


Frederico Knabben

Thanks for sharing, Koen!


I see that this is a common practice around Holacracy coaching companies. It would be wonderful to see other kinds of companies... maybe more complex as well.


Anyway, I understand that it is hard to have something like that. I was just curious

Frederico Knabben

Yesterday, just by case, I hit a Google search that showed me several other open Organizations in GlassFrog.


Today, I was able to reduce it to a simple search that, theoretically, lists all of them. You can open it in Google.


Enjoy it!

Juliane Martina Röll

Hi Federico! Structure & Process also has open Governance Records. And I have linked to others in the list of organisations using Holacracy where I could.


I will take up those that you find through your search there also - very clever! :-)


Hi Frederico,


You can find our GlassFrog here: https://glassfrog.holacracy.org/organizations/30


It is in french but you can have a sense of the structure.


Kind regards,