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Online Practice Group - Tactical Meeting

Hi Community,

We now have five participants for the Tactical Meeting Online Practice Group. We will be simulating a real life company (via GlassFrog) and based on this process Tensions from the assigned roles. Participants range from Practitioner Level to Coach Level and are all there for the learning and opportunity to practice Tactical meeting.

First session will be on Wednesday 28th of March CET 19.30 - 20.45. We will do a bi-weekly meeting so people have time to prepare Tensions.

So if you are interested to join. We still are looking for two more people. Please sent me a Private message and I will share the details..

4 Replies
Olivier Compagne

Thank you for doing this Tom. If H1 can do something to support this group, let me know, I'd be happy to suggest it internally.

Rachel Hunt

I'd love to join a practice group, but I'm not sure if I'm ready. I've just learned about Holacracy in the last two weeks and still haven't finished reading the book. I have no training or experience yet. Let me know if you think I should wait for the next one.

Tom Mulder

[@mention:580449087370309526], group has started and is full. As this is the first time we set up a group for Tactical we are still experimenting. Guess it will be beter for you to wait a little and join later.

For practice it is good to have at least some basic knowledge on how the meetings are structure but it is not an obligation. It is the role of the Facilitator to help you through the process.

Marcos Lemos

Hi everyone, 

I´ve seen that the group is full but if there is any opportunity in the near future I would be very happy to attend to these on-line tactical meetings (even as listener). I have been doing a lot of theorectically self studing (using the book and also Glass frog), but woul be great to have a practical experience.

Warm Regards